How it all started…

For years, Michael had been experiencing community life in Auroville, South India, and was longing for finding a community where life would fully corresponds to his aspirations.

During the Eco-Village Design course that took place in Auroville from December 2016, Michael met Serena and Genie, who had also experienced life in communities around the globe and had the dream of living in a community meeting their aspirations.

Together, they felt something was possible…

In January 2017, they gathered a group of friends who shared the same attraction towards a simple life within the original aspirations of Auroville. All together, they defined aspirations such as living in an eco-friendly « tribe » community supporting spiritual life, continuous learning and exchanges, where the « do-it-yourself » idea would be applied in every aspect of life… Impermanence appeared to be the base-principle which would allow experimentation and the energy of creativity to express freely. They also defined common values such as integrity, respect, self-awareness, unity, trust…

And Joy of Impermanence was born !

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