Reflections… Part 1

10 Dec 2018

We are currently busy with building common spaces, putting infrastructure into the land, planting in the time of the rains. We are working with various people in and around Auroville, learning from their expertise – trying out models of working together to experiment and learn.  None of us in the community (bar one) have any experience in construction and it has been quite a journey so far.

Every day is rich with things to do, decisions to make, and sometimes it becomes important to step back and reflect.

There are many questions alive right now for me – what does it mean to thrive in community? What makes a healthy community? How do we connect to one another, how do we connect to the wider circles of community around? What gifts and challenges does one bring into this project?  How do we measure success? What happens when dreams meet reality? How do we stay true to our values?  Are we making time to tap into the deep wisdom within and around? Collectively, are we making wise decisions? How do we make sure we celebrate even as life gets busier?

What does it mean to love? Detachment, Impermanence is at the core of our spiritual endeavor and it is increasingly becoming less intellectual and more in the matter. I have been planting this week, placing the delicate fruit trees in their new home, my home. Working with the soil in the glorious winter sunrise, gently handling them and giving them my love and best wishes for a beautiful bountiful life. I had to ask myself the question, how would I leave these trees, this land? How can I love and care for them and say good bye? So much of us is going into this land in this rich period of manifesting, it is a very real process to observe the threads slowly binding us to this place. We are becoming part of the history of this land in its cycles of being. I observe in myself the expansion and contraction of making a home for which we will be temporary guardians.

It is time to wake up now, time to go to the land and see what is alive today…

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