Our 1st Community

Anitya is the 1st community created under the umbrella of Joy of Impermanence.

“Anitya” is the Sanskrit word for the concept of impermanence. It is also known in Buddhism by the Pali word, anicca.

We have created Anitya to live according to our deepest aspirations, be part of a collective journey towards integral evolution, and serve the ideals of Auroville.

We define Anitya as a space for simple living with love and unity, harmony through creativity and beauty, and shared aspiration for progress.

This implies that, in addition to the Joy of Impermanence principles and mission  and the Auroville Charter and aspirations, we all commit to:

·          Seek transformation for individual and collective growth

·          Embrace truthfulness and coherence in action

·          Live consciously and in balance with our environment

·          Hold a joyful space for experimentation and innovation

·          Focus on basic needs in a spirit of detachment

·          Share, exchanges and co-create community life

In our daily life, it means, for example that:

  • We use only natural products to clean ourselves and the environment
  • We re-use for the garden the water from our common kitchen and showers
  • We have dry compost shared toilets
  • We harvest rain water with techniques shared by experts in Auroville.
  • We use a solar pump to manage the water flow within our community, the well being shared with our neighbors Sacred Groves (http://sacredgroves.in/)
  • We are growing our own food in our vegetable garden based on permaculture principles.
  • We have experimented building with natural material such as bamboo, wood, earth. And we collaborated with AV Earth Institute (http://www.earth-auroville.com/), AV Bamboo Center (https://aurovillebamboocentre.org/), Tsa Tsa House (https://www.tsatsa-house.com/) and other experts in Auroville in that regard
  • We have planted many trees, with a function of food or beauty in our community
  • We have community lunch in our shared kitchen at least twice a week, we have weekly meetings and we do regular fun activities as a group as well as deep sharing and sharing circles
  • We do not kill any animal and use a conscious way of speaking
  • We receive groups of children to share gardening and learning experience, and we organize workshops for adults
  • We have created a partnership with Thamarai to offer after-school and educational support for the children of the neighbouring village of Edayachavadi (https://thamarai.org/)