Welcome to the Adventure!

Joy Of Impermanence (JOI) aims at creating spaces that support spiritual community life based on impermanence and sustainability in Auroville, India.

JOI started in January 2017, when a group of friends gathered and shared their dream of a simple life within the original aspirations of Auroville. Together, they defined aspirations such as living in an eco-friendly community supporting spiritual life, sustainability, continuous learning, progress and exchanges, and where the « do-it-yourself » idea would be applied…

Impermanence appeared to be the base-principle which would allow experimentation and the energy of creativity to express freely. Today, impermanence is still a key idea of the project: a land has been allocated to create Anitya, the first JOI community, for a limited duration. 

Our aim is to create a space where people are inspired by the same ideals. And we are all here to serve the project and allow it to grow and evolve, as we grow and evolve as individual too.

Anitya is the first community to fall under the wider JOI umbrella. We are a Core Team of 6 people, all from very different backgrounds.

A motto we resonate strongly with is “be the change you want to see in the world”, and this is why we have gathered and created this project. 

Welcome to be part of the Change!

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