Social Work

Project in Association with THAMARAI Educationnal Projects ( )

Thamarai (is the Tamil word for lotus flower) stands for the values of fullest potential and well being for a thriving people and planet. They engage with the villages near the International township of Auroville since 2006, with a series of formal and informal education projects including a daily playgroup for 36 children, two after schools for 100 children, a natural health care education program and well being service, environmental program and community leadership and capacity development.

We have offered a space in Anitya to Thamarai to open the Edayanchavadi after school program.

This after-school centre was inaugurated in July 2019. Actually, Thamarai began its first after-school programme in this village in 2006 and closed 11 years later due to issue over a premises. An ex-student of Thamarai from this village then began an after-school facility at his home but he soon approached us as there was a great need. Our connection and friendship with the Thamarai team made it possible in Anitya.

This after-school currently has 30 regular students and 3 facilitators. They meet every night for school support and also organize regular events on Saturdays (sport and play). We also share our knowledge and time with them for activities like art on a regular basis.

We would like to expand this project and create a sensory garden, a vegetable garden and some sports equiment together with a play ground. Thamarai also wishes to create a computer room for teaching to the children

In 2021, we also started to offer the space for a women’s empowerment group. They meet twice a month, again with Thamarai